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Stimulating Economic Growth

Key Legislation:

Craig Blair implemented significant reforms that attracted new businesses while also facilitating the growth of existing ones. He also simplified the process of opening a new business. WV has seen $10 billion in business investment since 2017 from companies such as Nucor Corp, CMC Steel, Form Energy, and Mountaintop Beverage.

SB361: Eliminated the prevailing hourly wage requirement for construction of public improvements.

SB1: Established the WV Workplace Freedom Act, allowing people the choice of whether or not to join a union in their workplaces.

HB2878: Creating a one-stop electronic business portal in West Virginia.

SB365: The Young Entrepreneur Reinvestment Act waives the fees normally associated with incorporating a domestic corporation, LLC, or partnership for any person under 30 years old.

HB4502: The BUILD WV Act assists West Virginia’s growing communities in attracting much-needed housing development projects.

SB368: Created “Ready. Set. Demo.”, a statewide program to help communities remove unsightly and unsafe dilapidated structures.

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