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Protecting 2nd Amendment Freedoms:

Key Legislation:

Craig Blair is a proven 2nd Amendment advocate. He not only voted for, but led, the passage of some of the strongest laws in

the country to protect gun owners’ rights, including Constitutional and Campus Carry. He also has an A+ voting record with the NRA.

HB 4145: Allows individuals to carry a concealed handgun without a permit.

HB4048: Affirms that it is lawful to possess loaded and/or uncased long guns in vehicles.

SB458: Prohibits the state, government officials and agencies, or local governments, from restricting the lawful carrying, sale, or use of firearms and ammunition during states of emergency.

HB4955: Reduced the $75 fee for a License to Carry a Deadly Weapon (LCDW) to $25 and eliminated the fee for honorably discharged military veterans.

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