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Senator Blair


I am 64 years old and a lifelong resident of the Eastern Panhandle. My parents Freddie and Jeanette Blair raised me with Christian faith and values. My wife Andrea and I share two children, Philip and Saira and I’m the proud grandfather of a 12 year old grandson, Cayden Philip Blair.


I’m a graduate of Hedgesville High School and James Rumsey Technical Institute. I have wide spectrum of knowledge and experience in various fields, including gasoline and diesel engine repair, hydraulics, pneumatics, residential and commercial electrical work, plumbing, refrigeration, welding, machining, masonry, electronic circuit design, aviation, excavation, pesticide application, software design, web design, graphic artist and marketing. I’m also a Certified Water Specialist, Class V and I also maintain a Master Electrician and a Master Plumber License.


I grew up on the family orchard, which produced and packaged apples and peaches for domestic and export distribution. In 1986, I took the position of plant engineer for Cassco Ice and Cold Storage (Reddy Ice) before starting my own business in 1989, Sunset Water Services, a full-service residential, commercial and industrial water-treatment company. Sunset Water Services has grown to become the largest water-treatment company in the tri-state area, serving over 25,000 Eastern Panhandle customers.

Conservativ Achievements


  • During his time in the state senate, Craig Blair passed major reforms that led to more people working and being paid higher wages than ever before in West Virginia and the Eastern Panhandle.

  • Senator Craig Blair led the effort in the state legislature to pass the largest tax cut in history for working men and women of West Virginia.

  • As chair of the state senate finance committee, Craig Blair led efforts to control government spending that led to the current budget surpluses in state government that paid for tax cuts to put money back in the pockets of working men and women in the state.

  • Senator Craig Blair led the effort in the state legislature to ban biological boys from playing girls sports in West Virginia public schools.

  • As President of the West Virginia State Senate, Craig Blair passed the most pro-life legislation in state history which made abortion illegal in West Virginia. These reforms reduced the number of abortions per year in the state from over 400 to less than 10. He has a perfect voting record with the state’s largest pro-life organization—West Virginians for Life.

  • Craig Blair has always supported the right to own and carry guns in West Virginia. In the state senate, Craig Blair passed some of the strongest laws in the country to protect gun owners rights in the state, including Constitutional and Campus Carry. He has a 100% voting record with the N.R.A. 

  • As a state senator, Craig Blair passed a bill that outlaws doctors from performing transgender surgeries on minors in West Virginia. 

  • Senator Craig Blair led efforts to give parents a stronger voice when determining where their kids can attend school. West Virginia now has the best school choice environment in the country. 

  • Senator Craig Blair passed a law that requires people in West Virginia who receive welfare benefits to undergo mandatory drug testing. If a person on welfare tests positive for illegal drugs, he or she is no longer eligible to receive welfare benefits.


NRA Defender of Freedom Award

Foundation for Government Accountability Legislative Champion

West Virginia Chamber of Commerce Champion of Free Enterprise

West Virginia Manufacturers Association Champion of Industry.

Leadership Achievements

In January 2021 and 2023 I was honored to be elected unanimously by my fellow Senators to be their Senate President and also the Lieutenant Governor for the state of West Virginia. It’s also worth noting than in 2023 I was nominated then elected to be the Chairman of the Southern Legislative Conference (CSG South) which is made up of fifteen southern states from Florida to Texas to West Virginia. I first ran for office in 2002 when I became frustrated with state government and was successfully elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates for which I served four terms, a total of eight years. I now serve as the Senior Senator for the 15th Senatorial District which encompasses half of Berkeley and County and all of Morgan and Hampshire counties. Since 2018 Legislative Session, I have served as the Senate Finance Chairman and previously as the Majority Whip, Chairman of the Committee on Government Organization and my other committee assignments were: Finance, Economic Development, Government & Finance, Banking & Insurance, Confirmations, Rules and have been the Vice-Chairman of Education, and Energy, Industry and Mining.


Donate to support strong conservative values in West Virginia

Public Employees Disregard

Relevant Issues

Relevant Political Issues

See what is happening in our state and how Senator Craig Blair is fighting for the best solutions

Looking Forward

Good things are happening for West Virginia

Route 9 West

The current traffic congestion is unacceptable. With increased funding and new solutions, we should be able to reduce travel time significantly.

Greater Government Efficiency

I’m working on making it possible to hold your phone up to your license plate to renew your car tags. You’ll never have to wait at the DMV again, saving you time and energy.

An Educated,
Drug-Free Workforce

We need increased drug-prevention, improved rehabilitation, and harsher penalties for traffickers and manufacturers.


Many of West Virginia’s rural communities lack access to good-paying jobs. Bringing more opportunities to this state helps us build a stronger economy.

Conservative Organization Endorsements




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Looking Forward
West Virginia Senate District 15​

West Virginia State Senate District 15 is situated in the picturesque Eastern Panhandle, encompassing the entirety of Hampshire and Morgan Counties, as well as over half of Berkeley County. This district boasts a diverse range of communities, including Capon Bridge, Romney, Berkeley Springs, Great Cacapon, Paw Paw, Tomahawk, Jones Spring, Shanghai, Johnsontown, Hedgesville, Marlowe, Spring Mills, and Martinsburg.

District 15 aligns with West Virginia's 2nd congressional district, forging a strong connection between local and federal representation. It also intersects with multiple districts in the West Virginia House of Delegates, namely the 88th, 89th, 90th, 91st, 92nd, 93rd, 94th, 95th, and 97th districts. Furthermore, this district shares borders with both Maryland and Virginia, fostering a sense of regional interconnectedness.

With its stunning landscapes, vibrant communities, and strategic location, District 15 serves as a hub of activity and opportunity in the Eastern Panhandle.

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District 15
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